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KISSED BY A FLAME at Pleasance Theatre

The play follows a man as he delves into the diary of his late partner, who passed away 11 years prior due to cancer. Through reading the diary, he is transported back in time to the moment when he and his husband first received the cancer diagnosis, and he revisits their journey through the illness, including their wedding. The protagonist has avoided reading the diary for 11 years after his partner's death, but now finds the courage to face the emotions contained within it.

The production aimed to showcase the emotional journey and tension between a gay couple. Andrew Lancel and Ian Leer portrayed the characters in question. While Lancel delivered a competent performance, Leer's acting was less convincing. His emotions remained largely unchanging throughout the show, and his attempts at crying were unconvincing. The play was intended to alternately showcase memory and reality through changes in lighting, however, the lighting design was inconsistent at times, leading to confusion among the audience. Additionally, the recurring presence of the diary in both reality and memory scenes added to the confusion. The production could have benefited from further stage design, even with limited resources.

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