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An extraordinary piece of play completed by a small group of cast. Great acting and great story. #Play

A young man from Texas was recruited to fight in the Iraq war and he could not control his desire to kill. After his returning back to his home country, there is this debate whether he should pay for the horrible crime he committed during the war.

Every circle is a stage of the story, it is also the fence in the heart of this young soldier. The stage setting of a circle is so smart. It not only allows audiences to watch this play in 360 degree, but also represents the emotion involvement of the characters.

The acting from these four casts are amazingly good. Every transition between each circle is smooth and logical. This play looks like it has a low budget since it does not have fancy stage setting. But every detail fits the scene and it is perfect.

Location: Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, London N4 3JP

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